Haven’t Got a Clue!

So I'm gonna write something about me this time. Well I'm taking a drop this year and focus on JEE exam, so I can get a good engineering college this year... Well I really haven't got a clue on how to study.. I really need atleast an NIT this year otherwise I would have simply… Continue reading Haven’t Got a Clue!


The Grand Father Paradox

If I go back in time and kill my grand father before my father was conceived, will I exist? One variant of the grandfather paradox is that when the traveller kills the grandfather, the act took place in, or resulted in the creation of, a parallel universe where the traveller's counterpart never exists as a result,… Continue reading The Grand Father Paradox

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Quantum Computing

The 21st century is an era of advanced computing , through the ages we saw new Operating Systems, Kernels,Microprocessors,The Raspberry Pi....but on March 4 2016,Scientists at MIT created the first five-atom Quantum Computer with the potential to crack the security of traditional encryption schemes. Probably half of you won't understand a thing, some of you may grasp a… Continue reading Quantum Computing

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The End! Or Is It?

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are fine. I started this blog to write whatever comes up in my head, and to do something because I  didn't have any other means of spending time other than my tuition. Well my holidays are at an end and my classes start tomorrow, this is my final year at highschool… Continue reading The End! Or Is It?