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So where was I?

So after a year of being inactive well here I am, with life more fucked up than last year, nothing went as planned ,yeah that's it about life right now. Failure hmm... I had a tough time to make myself realise that I failed in the one thing I was good at, I had one… Continue reading So where was I?



Death has always fascinated me, I've always though about it, I mean what happens after we die? Forget our body, but what happens to our consciousness, well since I'm an atheist I really don't believe in  heaven and hell... Really on what basis do "God" choose if a person goes to heaven or hell! I… Continue reading Afterlife?

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Quantum Computing

The 21st century is an era of advanced computing , through the ages we saw new Operating Systems, Kernels,Microprocessors,The Raspberry Pi....but on March 4 2016,Scientists at MIT created the first five-atom Quantum Computer with the potential to crack the security of traditional encryption schemes. Probably half of you won't understand a thing, some of you may grasp a… Continue reading Quantum Computing